Best Betting or Bluffing Game “Poker”

by admin on August 12, 2010

Poker is one of the most popular betting and bluffing games. It is played all over the world. Before, there were poker games in which 20 cards were used to play. 52 Card poker games took over the 20 card version of poker way back in the 1850’s. With time, 52 card poker games became popular and as a result, the old version of poker, i.e. 20 Card game disappeared. 52 card poker versions allows many new and interesting techniques of playing poker and it has help create new rules and terms, which have involved more creative thinking in the game. 52 Card version of the poker game includes The Flush, The Joker, The Straight, The Jackpot and The Draw.

In poker there are different types of pairs and the victory goes to the hands of the person who is retaining the highest hand as compared to his/her opponents, and it will also let them raise the bet because if they get a high hand in the first move, then they have the best chance to you win the game.  If you have both cards of the same suit, it means that you have suited player hand and if you have a card of the same kind, laying on the board it is called trips. Poker has an unbeatable hand which is known as lock. Before playing poker you must have the capacity to distinguish the value of different cards. Following is a classification of these cards:

  • High cards are (Aces, Jack, Queen, Kind and tens)
  • Medium Cards are (9, 8 and 7)
  • Low Cards are (6, 5, 4, 3, 2,)

Know for the enthusiast of the game, it is necessary that own proper poker sets, which are of a high quality and provide you the very best feeling, making you live your dream of playing in a casino in Vegas. Just go online and you will be able to get a lot poker sets that would make your game more interesting.


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