Rules and Strategies of Poker

by admin on August 18, 2010

Cards are being played almost all over the world. For a person who has not played previously, it is necessary for him to be informed about playing cards. A deck is composed of 52 cards, and it will be divided into four suits, and 13 cards are in each suit. All the 4 suits are equal. One of the card’s games is poker, which has many types of variations played in different regions of the world. Poker is a game in which both work together; luck and your strategies.

One hand of poker has five cards, which have different categories, like a straight, flush and two pairs. To play poker, the number of players should be two or more and the winner is the person who has highest points.

Strategies of poker

To become master of poker, you have to be a good observer because poker is a game which is driven with a keen observation. While you are playing poker, you do not have to concentrate only on your own cards but to keep your mind and eyes open, observe the techniques and guess the cards of your opponents. It is not that easy to guess cards in other’s hands, but you have to scrutinize the actions and eyes of your opponent in order to be able to guess because eyes can better tell you if your opponent is holding strong cards or weak ones and this would definitely help you to win the game. This would also help you to plan your moves from time to time. If you do not possess the strong hand, then you may keep bold and efficient expressions so to cheat your opponent and to act like you are holding strong cards, and you are confident about your cards. This strategy may also help you in the game by creating psychological pressure on your opponent.


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